January - Time off, time on and prep for Hostile Infrastructure

We went camping over New Years. Headed down south through Denmark and a bunch of National Parks ending up in Esperance at a massive farm (thanks to the Chillwells for making us feel so Welcome). We’ve got a Suzuki Jimmy (a tiny 4x4). It’s white, has a bullbar, roof-rack and no back seats. Some people call it a toy car. We just call it a car that will drive literally anywhere, has a low impact and doesn’t cost a fortune to run.

When we got back I had to get straight back to work. I made a series of images to promote my installation, Hostile Infrastructure that opens in April at Testing Grounds. I turned my tiny, dirty studio into a little set, threw some paint around and took some self timers. The marketing company, gallery and my Mum thought they were weird so I think I did a good job.

My friend Sam asked me to help out on a little sign-writing job at a new Fish & Chip shop in Como called Tankk. We smashed it out in half a day, ate some free chips and met some nice people. Better yet I still had enough time to go to the beach when I got home!

Finally, I managed to squeeze in a little album design job for The Justin Walshe Folk Machine. Two 1890’s Australian Convicts (painted, off-brand, Gi-Joes) escape from a never ending party in Miami/Brisvegas/The Crown Casino. Yep.

Thanks for reading x